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You pick your own location

More and more couples are choosing outdoor wedding ceremonies.  From beach weddings to exchanging vows high on a mountaintop, there are many different beautiful locations where the union can take place. These can be officiated by one of the competent Officiants in our group. There are so many things which a couple can add to an outdoor ceremony to make it simply perfect.

For those couples who are not religious in nature yet wish to exchange marital vows, there are many different non-religious ceremonies which can take place. Depending on the area, the individuals can be married by one of our experienced Officiants. This is a great option for those who do not belong to a specific church and wish to have a non-religious ceremony.

Wedding ceremonies may also be of a casual nature. Some individuals wish to get married without having to take part in all of the fancy clothing and expensive fees that often go along with a wedding ceremony. A casual ceremony is perfect for those couples who want to get married more than anything and do not care where or how it is done. Their sole goal is to marry the one that they love without all of the fanfare.

Do call us for an appointment so we can decide what is best for your needs.